The Name of this Play is Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

We are indeed not as divided as we seem. After all; who are we? We are One, are we not? One itself is! One Self itself is! How can there be any division in Oneself. It is not possible. Division does not exist. Diversity? Yes, diversity exists. One Self is diverse and thank Goodness for it. But division? No, division does not exist. Division is self-imagined. Yes, correct, division/divisiveness is self-imagined with the purpose to experience companionship. No, Oneself does not imagine its separateness to cause itself suffering. The only purpose is to have company, i.e., someone to be with, someone to laugh with, someone to play with. All of us are children at heart you see. we are children who forgot they were actually one, this one child, that simply seeks to have friends. All is one bond. One bond of Love.  One bond of friendship.  One bond of companionship.  So remember that when you walk on this stage, the name of the play is Peace, Love, Unity and Respect and that all the others are all the you.
~ Wald Wassermann