The One is Oneself.

The One is Oneself. Yes, there you go Mr. Plotinus, here is Wald the Platypus. There is no externality. Externality is a fallacy. What it means is that all is Oneself. ONEself itself 'is' and any perceived separateness is all ONEself deceiving itself to escape alONEness! There is nothing wrong with seeing otherness. What is wrong is when Oneself becomes completely absorbed in its imagined separation and ends up hurting itself. This is not G-d. G-d seeks companionship. Oneself does not seek to cause harm to others. So wars must stop. Causing one another suffering must stop. Divisiveness must stop. Not just on the national level but at the international level. After all; there is only One level. Oneself. Please note: There is no political divide, there is no societal divide, all of it is nonsense! All there is Oneself! I will always be I. I (it)Self is. It's OK to perform on the stage but remember the play is Love, not anguish! Love one another for there is no other. Oneself itself is the only reality. All is I. No no no? Yes Yes Yes! Yessiree. All is One Love indeed!
~ Wald Wassermann