(The Theory of) Everything is Self. One Self Itself Is.

What Is the Theory of Everything? Self. The theory of everything is no theory at all; it is Self. The fallacy in stating that there are many theories of everything including the counter-one which holds that there is no theory of everything is all nitpicking of course — circumventing the most obvious One Self-evident truth which is 'that' which tries to come up with all these theories in the first place: One Self. There is nothing but Self. Self upholds itself. Self manifests itself. Self births itself. Self self-exists. Self requires no proof beyond itself for it itself is. Self itself is. As an astrophysicist, I would find it absolutely mind-boggling that nobody in the scientific community seems to understand the Tibetan meaning of the word རང་བྱུང་ or its Sanskrit equivalent स्वयम्भू  for both offer a clear indication that 'all there is is Self eternally manifesting itself. Self manifests itself as manifoldness; all manifoldness is Self. Self is One without a second; OneSelf Itself Is. All that is is Self experiencing itself. (The Theory of) Everything is Self. Self's purpose is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann