The Theory of Everything is Oneself.

All is Oneself. Physics attempts to understand itself by separating everything into different parts this although all parts are all Oneself. All theories are all Oneself trying to understand itself through the method of navel-staring and then coming up with a label where there is no separation whatsoever for Oneself itself is. So I will run through some of them briefly. The Theory of Everything is Oneself for everything is Oneself. It is not a theory but a Self-evident fact. The Arrow of Time is Oneself for Oneself upholds time itself.  Quantum mechanics is Oneself. The Yang–Mills theory is Oneself. The Color Confinement is Oneself. All of these theories are abstractions for all is Oneself.  Oneself allows the theories to be made.  The individual that comes up with a theory exists for it is contained within Oneself.  The fine-tuned universe tunes itself for it is not the universe but Oneself tuning itself. Indeed, the universe is a superposition; oneself is reality.  The problem of time, cosmic inflation, the cosmic horizon and all of these other categorizations are all abstractions for all is Oneself. All these theories, these endless lists of unsolved problems in physics are all abstractions dreamed up by Oneself deluding itself of its Singleness. Oneself is Singular, indeed, Oneself is the Singularity. Oneself manifests itself. Oneself upholds itself. Oneself tunes itself. All is Oneself and there is nothing Oneself is not and that is G-d for we would not be if it were not. Division, separation, compartmentalization does not exist. The Ultimate Truth is Oneself. Oneself is ultimately the only reality? No! Oneself is Ultimate Reality.

~ Wald Wassermann