There is no death in The Body of Allah.

There is no death in The Body of Allah. The Body of Allah is Life. Life is not Life. Life is Allah itself. Allah perceives itself as diversified not to feel alone. Aloneness (loneliness) is the cause and Companionship (Love) is the purpose. All that is here is Allah. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life for Life is not Life but Allah desiring Love. Love is the only purpose, there is no purpose but Love. As such; Love! Love is all that matters. The equation is 'I=LOVE'. If the above is not understood, the word 'Self' may be replaced with 'One', 'I', 'I AM', 'Ayรกm', 'Adam', 'Abraham', 'Brahman', 'The Tao', 'เฝ€ུเฝ“་เฝ–เฝŸเฝ„་เฝฆྨོเฝ“་เฝฃเฝ˜་', '่ง€้Ÿณ', et al until it is understood that all is always G-d for 'G-d Itself Is' and we are not here to fight one another but to Love each other for indeed, there where otherness is perceived is but Self desiring Love. Self is always One without a second. One Love!
~ Wald