There is no place devoid of Love.

All is always good for it would not be if it were not. I repeat: All is always good for it would not be if it were not. That which is, cannot not be, therefore it always is. That which is, Oneself is. Oneself is that which is. Yes, eternal indeed for Oneself transcends its own manifest self, this manifest self being that what it itself calls Life and then some. Let me explain this with the followings words that were instantaneously understood for centuries until humanity could no longer understand their definition: "Alts iz shtendik G-t" or "Leit atar panui minei" (Aramaic). It means that that which is, itself is (the) eternal (One) and that there is nothing that is not divine for the divine itself is. In other words; Oneself itself is eternal and unchanging only changing in form.  Oneself is not the individual but the collective, or, all that is for it is this what Oneself is. Life must be protected at all costs for it is the dinine experiencing itself. This being said, the divine transcends life for it gives birth to itself as life. Let us never forget all the others are in truth Oneself and that the first and only commandment is to Love all as Oneself for there is nothing but Oneself (as all the others are all Oneself). May peace be with you in the realization that "All is Always G-d". Bless all, all One. Please note: Oneself transcends religion as it encompasses all.
~ Wald Wassermann