Transcending Fear by Realizing All is One Self.

There is this old forgotten story about a father and a child who lived among fields of tulips in the Persian city of Isfahan many centuries ago. As the story goes, the child, who was always anxious, asked his father how to become fearless. The father took his child outside and pointed upwards to the sky after which he smiled and placed his left hand on his heart and his right hand on his child's heart. The father then proceeded to tell the child the following. 'My love, my sweet love, all that is, it is you. The universe is you. The stars are you. The sun is you. The sky is you. The air is you. The wind is you. The trees are you. The birds are you. All the animals are you. And so is the water and the earth. You are all that which you see. There's nothing that is not you. You are all that is, and all that is, is you. Fear thus not for all this is you. Nothing can ever hurt you. You are that which eternally is. That which is, is you love, it is all that is as one for it is. See thus all as your self for there is only one self and any otherness exists for togetherness. Greet all that you meet with love and kindness for it is all you and never forget that there are no others for as long as you live. Love all for all is you. Now go and play with your friends my child, go and play.'
~ Wald