Transcending Self to Overcome Anxiety/Fear related to COVID-19

The following (transcendental knowledge) is to be used only as a last resort in case of an emergency to ease suffering or anxieties (in response to Coronavirus disease COVID-19). Take note that the words G-d/God/You/Self/One Self/The Absolute/The Eternal are all the same One (I is אֶΧ—ָΧ“) and familiarize yourself with the following

1) 'all that is, itself is'
2) 'that which is, is oneself'
3) 'oneself itself is'

There is nothing to fear for all this is you. I repeat; all this is you. Nothing can threaten that which is really you. You are not the individual; you are the Absolute deluding itself that it is the individual. The entire world including but not limited to its 7.53 billion people plus the 8.7 billion of other species is all OneSelf; it is all One Self deluding itself it is not One. Oneself experiences itself as the sum total of reality. If you understand this, we can proceed to the next step and address fear/anxiety in case of a crisis.

Tell me; what do you fear? It is something that threatens you does it not? Threats can only be external or internal; correct? Let's start with an example of an external threat such as the current COVID-19 virus. First, you must naturally take all the precautions possible to prevent the threat from affecting you and your surroundings. After this, you must retrain your mind that none of these external threats are external from you; they are all you. If this sounds absurd it is because your individual ego-defense mechanism tries to protect itself; it results in the very anxieties you are trying to fight. Allow me to explain.

Start with something simple. Take the air for example. Most people perceive it as something completely external. It is not. It is you. Now take the example of water. The water is you, it is not external. It never was. Your cat or your dog? They are not separate from you. They are you. All that is is OneSelf comforting itself. You are not just you; you are Oneself (known as G-d/The Absolute/I). Let's take a final example with the universe. All these stars, galaxies, nebulas; they are all you. They are not external.  All this is you.  In other words; all that you see; it is all you. You experience yourself as all that you see; not the other way around. The mistake most people make is that they take an external object and say for example 'you are the universe, the river or that mountain experiencing itself' which is incorrect for they project their self onto an object. In reality; it is the other way around as I've said. All that you see is you. You experience yourself as all that you see. You experience yourself as the universe. The universe is a superposition upon you; the Absolute.  You are all that is. You experience yourself as all that is. You transcend all matter for you underwrite all matter. Again, feel free to replace the word 'You' with The Absolute or The Eternal until it clicks and it makes you feel comfortable. The repetition of wording is necessary to retrain your brain which normally takes years of process. So let's return to the threat issue. Most anxieties are caused by the attachment to the physical body only. It is perfectly normal for God designed it this way in order to experience its very own manifold physical experiences (all that is as One for it is). What you must know is that you are not the physical body and you are not even what your mind tells you you are. All there is is God masking all that you see on earth with perceived illusory separateness so it could experience Love itself. I probably lost you with this sentence. So let me try to explain this another way. God is not God but One Self; One indivisible Self: God is Oneself. All that you see around you, it is all you. All is Oneself. Otherness is merely an illusion that exists for the purpose of companionship, love, warmth and the likes. God never designed itself to cause anxiety or suffering upon itself which is why it constantly adjusts itself.  God experiences itself out of the need for love, companionship, friendship, togetherness. Again, God is not God but Oneself.

So I want you to stop for a moment and answer the following question honestly. Is there really anything separate in this life from you? Of course not. There is only One; there is only One Self. Similarly, it would be absurd to even think that the billions of cells in your body somehow would believe they are all separate from- and threatening each other. Of course, they are not. Everything is working together for it is Oneself. Nothing is separate or threatening for it is one inseparable self. When your body gets sick it comes together as One to defend itself. So it goes with the cosmic OneSelf; the Absolute. That which you are is not separate from God. God is all that is as it is. Seeing any individual separation is your individual ego-self deluding itself into thinking it is somehow separate from all that is around you. Your ego-self serves the purpose to protect your physical manifestation. It is how God planned it. Oneself (bio)logically engineered itself to see separation to escape alONEness out of the need to love and be loved.

The problem is that this self-engineered illusion of separation also causes great havoc on you; the individual and society throughout life. We could state that the illusion of separation from God causes tremendous amounts of anxiety, fear, and suffering. But again; there is no need to involve God for Oneself created itself this way. Again; the only purpose is Love remember? Usually, it is only at the end of life or after a trauma that God (Oneself) lifts the veil again in order to realize its true self was always God (Oneself). The trick is to realize that 'that' which you really are, is God during this lifetime so that you can minimize your and your surroundings suffering. The only way to do this is by the following: See all as your self for all that is is really you. All is you. All is self. All is OneSelf. OneSelf does not threaten itself. OneSelf upholds itself. Nothing can threaten that which is the real you. All is this One Self which is God. So to come back to the beginning. Can something threaten you? Of course not. That which is you is all that is. God itself is. Am I saying you are God? Of course, you are. Everything is. There is nothing but God.  It is why there is no threat. God does not threaten itself. God upholds itself. All this is God simply means Oneself itself is. "That which is, eternally is.(do an online search for this phrase and make sure to use quotation marks).  The Eternal One is all of you as One for you are. Fear not; see all as Self; feel only Love. All is always G-d. I repeat. All is always G-d.
~ Wald