Two Birds are One Bird.

How to bring the world together? It already is. Yes, it is true but it is difficult to know how many realize this, am I correct? So perhaps we can start with the current data. There are 7.7 billion people give and take. There were just 6 billion of us in 1999. I choose that number because I love Prince. Now, in 1972, there were only 3.84 billion of us. So, from 1972 until now, we have doubled in size, I am just talking about numbers here, no worries. So, using the infinite regress argument (which is no argument but a fact), we can thus deduce that there were originally just two birds in a tree. But this remains an abstraction. For these two birds were just one bird! One bird dreamed itself as two in order to have companionship. And thus it all commenced. One bird is two birds and two birds is four birds and so the story goes. Now there are lots of love birds which is wonderful for as long as these love birds remember they are just one bird in reality and that any separation exists to escape alONEness. Indeed, the purpose is Love. It is this why it is said that Love is the first and greatest commandment. You see, there is just One in reality. All is One Self seeking companionship! In conclusion: Two birds are One bird and I saw that all was G-d.
~ Wald Wassermann