Why America was Named America - Today I Found "Love is Oneself"

What is the origin of (the word) America? Love! Most of us learn that The Americas were named after Amerigo Vespucci. However, being the eternal optimist/etymologyst that I am, I did some digging and came up with a completely different and more lyrical story about how America got its name. Let's split the America word in its three parts: AMER-I-CA. AMER sounds strikingly familiar to the Latin word AMOR does it not? Of course, it does. AMER is AMOR! No need to explain I for I is Oneself. Now for the last word CA. CA in Latin is added to back vowel words. Interesting is it not? The meaning of the word AMERICA (AMER-I-CA) is AMOR IS I. America equates to 'Love is I' or 'I is Love', i.e., 'Love (it)Self is' or 'Oneself is Love'. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Please note that I is a hopeless romantic and sees everything as Love. Is the above the truth? Yes, What else can I say? I is Love! I is Amor! América, no invoco tu nombre en vano.
~ Wald Wassermann