Oneselfness: Why God is Love.

That which is, is the eternal One. Oneself itself eternally is. The eternal one veils itself (we) with the illusion of separateness to escape loneliness aka alONEness. The meaning of the word aloneness is 'All-One-Ness', that is to say, Singleness/Singularity. All-One-Ness is aloneness. All there is, is ONEself deluding itself of its all-one-ness for the purpose to love and be loved (love, warmth, companionship). It is this why it is said that ‘God is Love’ and to ‘Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself for there is nothing but One Self; ONEself’. Jesus realized all was ONEself, as in, One Indivisible Self and tried to explain this but it was either not understood or perceived as a threat. The realization of Oneselfness is the meaning of “I Am That I Am”. We are the eternal One itself. Separation is an illusion. All there is, is us as One for we are. It is why we must see all as Self; it is why we must love each other for there is, in truth, no other but only oneself. Any perceived otherness is all Oneself; all is 'I AM". Why is God equated with Love? For Oneself desires Love. In order to understand why God is Love, we must simply look at ourselves. We are all One indeed.
~ Wald Wassermann