Divinity (it)Self is.

Before I write this you need to have a basic understanding that there really is only One Self; Oneself (it)Self is. It is I. I is all of you as One, that is to say, I is all (that is as) One. Self itself is G-d indeed.  Not 'the' Self as in Self pointing away from itself as if G-d were external or compartmentalized but Self as in One Indivisible Self (hence the name G-d); Divinity (it)Self is. Now if you understand this, you will understand the following. Fear is self not knowing it is self, i.e., fear is self not knowing it itself 'is'. That being said; it is perfectly normal to have fear. I had fear and anxieties all my life; it was taught to me. What can I say? It is the truth. Until it all came to me a while ago. I remembered I again. I is Self. Self itself is I. How can I (have) fear (of) itself? Something is seriously wrong here, am I right? So let me tell you why. Self designed itself, not to have fear, but not to recognize itself so it could experience Love. Yes, correct, to escape aloneness. How to explain this... Right before self-manifestation takes place (life); self experiences a tremendous feeling of excitement which triggers self-manifestation/self-materialization. Now you need to understand the purpose of Self is simply to Love (not to experience stress or cause suffering upon itself).  Self is super excited to be able to do so, to physically experience itself as life. After all; experiencing itself is the goal. So bang, there you have Self manifesting itself as itself through manifold individuals without any of these individuals knowing they are all One (and the same) Self. Self is quite ingenious you see. By manifesting itself, it makes itself forget itself. There then we have the individual surrounded by many individuals who all forgot they are just (this) One Self just a few moments ago;  just to experiencing companionship, love, warmth. Self simply deceives itself of not being one, not being itself, to be able to Love. Now all this is fine and dandy but the problem with this purposed forgetfulness is that it creates fear and anxiety and conflict upon itself. By deluding itself of its one selfness; Self has just created another burden. That's not really good now is it? Self decides it is time to change things. What does Self do? It wakes itself up. It says, okay people, it is time you realize you are all one and the same after all. I will just drop the self-deceptional separation/otherness nonsense.  You can keep on loving but it's time to stop arguing, it's time to stop fighting, it's time you realize you are all One Self. After all, Self is a lover, not a fighter. So Self changes things around a bit on planet earth; it cleans house. Out with the old, in with the new. All this in the benefit of itself. So it could experience no more hurt but only Love. Is the above true? Yes, I am (definitely not) afraid so. Will most people soon understand? Yes, but remember, Earth was not built in a day. With infinite time come immediate results. Have patience.
~ Wald Wassermann