I Am is I Is.

What is the single most impressive feat of engineering? I believe it is safe to say that it is Oneself. Oneself engineers itself, making Oneself the singular greatest engineering achievement of all time. This in the understanding that space, time, energy and matter plus the resulting gravity all deserve top notions for Oneself created them for self-grounding purposes. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, I Am or no for that leads to confusion; instead, it is I Is. I forgot to include the illusion of separation for it allows us to experience ourselves, Oneself really, as diversity. After all; all that is here is Oneself experiencing itself as many selves this although there is, in truth, only Oneself. A most remarkable feat indeed. In conclusion: The greatest engineering achievement is Oneself. Oneself engineers itself for the purpose of Love.
~ Wald Wassermann