Truth is One. Diversity is a Blessing,

All is always One. It is correct. Is this One external? Of course not. One is Oneself. Indeed; there is only Oneself. Oneself is variegated for the purpose of companionship. Why? Oneself is singular but perceives itself as diversified to escape its singleness, its aloneness. The great mind sees thus that all is Oneself and that the purpose of diversity is companionship. Yes, companionship is Love indeed. It is only the ignorant fool who sees diversity as competition, as something to fight. There is nothing more absurd. Why would Oneself fight itself? It is nonsense. The only purpose is Love. Love one an other for there is no other; there is only Oneself desiring to Love and Be Loved. In conclusion: Truth is One indeed. The cause is loneliness. The purpose is Love. It is very simple.
~ Wald Wassermann