Close Encounters of One Kind

The origin of life or the universe is not strange. First, let me tell you that Abiogenesis comes close although it remains an abstraction. In fact; everything is an abstraction of sorts. Let me tell you why. What's the origin of the word 'universe'? Oneself. Not just because Oneself came up with the word universe and the entire dictionary but itself as well. Yes, correct. Oneself came up with itself. What does it mean? Oneself is the origin of itself. It's called spontaneous generation or creation. Oneself spontaneously generated itself. Indeed. Oneself spontaneously created itself. So next time someone asks you your opinion on the origin of species, life, or the universe you know what to answer. There are not many separate selves, there is only Oneself. Oneself is the origin of itself. Simple. Nobody can argue with that for they would be arguing with themselves and that would be quite absurd. Is the above correct? Yes. What else can I say?
~ Wald Wassermann