Everything is an abstraction; Love is Reality.

What dies? What is born? Oneself always is. What is Oneself? Essentially Love. One of the last resort explanations for those in the sciences (be it physics, chemistry, or whatever) is that when we die, we are gone; simply gone. Perhaps they will bring up a fancy word such as entropy while in the process forgetting who came up with the concept of entropy, to begin with. What is entropy after all? Is it not Oneself? Of course, it is. Everything is Oneself. Entropy included. Oneself always is regardless of its shape, form, or order. Order and disorder are all abstractions. Oneself is reality and Love is truth. Why is Love truth? Everything would instantaneously fall apart without Love. We can replace the word everything with Oneself for Oneself is radically Love; is it not? Why? Oneself binds itself together out of Love, Warmth, Togetherness. Yes; Companionship indeed. Love orders itself. Oneself is Love. Love is radical baby. Completely radical. It is the root of Life. My suggestion is to keep on loving.
~ Wald Wassermann