God is but Oneself Overjoying in its own Abundance.

That which is, is but One Self. Oneself experiences itself by embodying itself. The embodiment is Oneself. What it means is that all this, it is all Oneself. Oneself is the body, the air, the sound, the wind, the sky, the clouds, the water. All of it. It is all Oneself experiencing itself. We are not the universe experiencing itself for there is no externality. Oneself experiences itself as itself and calls itself the whole dictionary including but not limited to the universe, earth, and life. All this is but Oneself enjoying its own diversity. All diversity is Oneself. Oneself enjoys its own abundance. Feel free to replace the word Oneself with God or Love for it is essentially the same. It is this what it means with the Eternal Life. The Eternal Life is all of us as One for we are. We are the eternal One.
~ Wald Wassermann