Human is Hanuman and Hanuman is Rama.

Where there is Human, there is Rome and where there is Rome, there is Human. All is always G-d. There are those who say 'it is not so'. Not all is always G-d. I say All is always G-d. G-d is One. One is undivided. Division there is none. One perceives itself as Two* not to be alOne. Two is One. Human is One. Any problems of the past such as wars are the result of the faulty perception of division. Division is a sensory illusion, or rather, division is a sensory perception that exits to be be able to experience Companionship, not to feel alOne. One desires not to feel alOne. It is this what Human is. Hanuman is Human. So it is. Human is Hanuman and Hanuman is Rama. Rama veils itself as Hanuman. God veils itself as Human. Human is God desiring not to be alOne. Human is God desiring Love. Rama embraces itself with Love. Hanuman embraces itself with Love. Human embraces itself with Love. Human is Unified, Whole and Undivided. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Division does not exist. All there is is One. One (Itself) Is. One Always Is. As such; All is always G-d. As to the meaning of Life; it is Love alright. (* Life Diversified)
~ Wald