Ignorance is the only Enemy

There's no such thing as an 'enemy'. The enemy is ignorance. Indeed; there's only ignorance of seeing the other as oneself. It is this ignorance that is the cause of all suffering in this world. The illusion of otherness stems from the primordial need for companionship. Without this illusion, which is self-engineered, there would be no possibility for oneself to experience companionship. Let me explain through God. God self-engineered the illusion of separation to escape loneliness, to experience companionship, to love and be loved. All this is God. God is One without a second. God is One Self. Correct; God is Oneself without an other. Otherness does not exist in reality. There is only Oneself seeking companionship. All this diversity; it is all Oneself, it is all God.
~ Wald Wassermann