Life is the Divine Itself Living

There is but one self and one self is essentially love. Indeed; oneself is love. Nihilism is the most absurd concept oneself has ever imagined. After all; how could oneself be not when it itself is? Of course the world is not an illusion. It is just that the universe, the world and the individual are but one indivisible self, i.e., oneself and that oneself is essentially love. Why Love? Oneself simply seeks companionship out of aloneness. Companionship is another word for love. It is the same friendship. It is all about love. Ignorance is oneself forgetting its very own purpose after birth. It can also happy by being distracted by the wrong teachings. The only correct teaching is one of oneness and love. It is the only truth. Do thus not get distracted by those who are unknowing even they outnumber you.
~ Wald Wassermann