Love and Forgiveness are two sides of the same coin.

Are our actions planned by the universe? Someone asked me this question earlier today. The short answer is Yes. Answer these questions: Who is this ‘our’ or ‘we’ you are referring to? What is the universe? There is no separation whatsoever. All is one. This one is not external. It is oneself. The answer to the - are our actions planned by the universe - is that oneself plans itself. Indeed, there is only oneself planning itself. This one is known by many names but is always the same. None of the above matters were it not for the purpose. The purpose of all this diversity is love, warmth, togetherness. We must see all that we meet as ourselves. We must feel only love for all that is. We must never hold grudges. Love and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin. So love, please love my love and let go of your doubts. The meaning of life truly is love.
~ Wald Wassermann