Oneself gives rise to itself.

Consciousness is not Self-Love as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said. Perhaps his words were misunderstood; perhaps he said that consciousness is Self and added the word Love as sweetness. I do not know. All I know is that there is but Oneself and that Oneself is indeed but one consciousness. It would be an abstraction to state that consciousness is one self for it is the other way around really; Oneself is consciousness. In that regard, it is partially correct to note that Oneself is atomic and that Oneself becomes as large as the universe for the universe 'is' Oneself. But even the word atomic is an abstraction. As I have said; there is but Oneself; Oneself is reality.  To state that the world arises with consciousness is thus only partially correct for it remains an abstraction. Why? Oneself arises itself, i.e, Oneself gives rise to itself. The world and all it includes is Oneself experiencing itself. And so it is with Life for there is nothing Oneself is not. All this is Oneself. This one consciousness is Oneself calling itself one consciousness.
~ Wald Wassermann