The Heart of the Matter is Love.

What is it with all this Schwarzer Unsinn. Oneself may call itself Schwarzschild, Schwarzesloch or even Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (I like mine with plenty of Kirschwasser, I'll say stop, danke schön) but Oneself will always be The Light, not the darkness. And don't even bring up the concept of the Singularität and the 7 Zwerge for it is another name Oneself has invented for itself. Let's skip all of that nonsense altogether shall we and go the heart of the matter. Those in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics have it backward you see. All these foolish names should be changed to Lichtskind, Child of Light or simply Love Child. Oneself is The Light; indeed Oneself is Pure Light shining like a clear crystal bringing forth all colors into that good yet lonely night. Darkness signifies lOneliness and it is lOneliness which Oneself seeks to escape. As I have previously said on the origin of everything; loneliness is the cause and Love is the purpose. There is but Oneself desiring Love and diversity exists for companionship alone.
~ Wald Wassermann