Oneself seeks to escape alOneness.

From the psychological perspective; the concept of opposition merely functions as a tool to negate ONE's very own alONEness. Indeed; One desires nothing more but to escape its loneliness. Hence why all diversity exists. There is naturally no such thing as race or division. All these are illusory concepts Oneself has created out of dreadful loneliness. Simplified; there is only God. God is diversified but knows no division. The paradox is shocking. By trying to negate its own aloneness; one causes create havoc upon itself and all this for one reason alone; not to be alone, to have companionship, to be able to love and be loved! Awake O Sleeper and Arise from the Dead (Ignorance of knowing Oneself is the only thing here and division is but an illusion serving the purpose of companionship alone)!
~ Wald