What keeps the sex ratio in humans mostly balanced? The answer is simple. All this is One Nature. All this is One Love. This One Love is all that is, it is all of us. This One Love is Oneself. Indeed, there is only Oneself. Oneself experiences itself. Oneself (over)sees itself. Oneself feels itself. Oneself shuffles the cards of its own game before giving birth to its own manifoldness. Hence why there is always an equal amount of men and women being born; the sex ratio is 1:1 or I:I for all is I. I is but Oneself. Oneself gives birth to itself. Oneself causes its own balanced sex ratio. Indeed, Oneself balances itself. We are only Oneself experiencing itself. Oneself is all that is here. There's nothing to fight for all the others are but Oneself. Oneself simply seeks companionship. Oneself seeks only Love. Love is the only purpose. I = Love.
~ Wald