Refeeling Astrophysics: The Nature of Love

What a sorry state of affairs astrophysics has become. To state that we are just stardust brought to life, which is then empowered by the universe to go figure itself out, is complete and utter nonsense. How did physics end up so lost? Unbelievable. No wonder our children are confused. Erwin Schrödinger, Robert Jastrow and David Bohm must be shaking their heads in utter disbelief. Let me tell you that there is no such thing as separation; division does not exist. To see any difference between stardust, the universe, and life is self-delusional. After all; who is this we? What is stardust? What is life? What is the universe? There is no difference. All is Oneself. Oneself is the only thing here. There is only Oneself experiencing itself as itself. There is only Oneself binding itself together out of this desire for Love, for companionship; yes, for warmth.  Oneself may compartmentalize and label itself as much as it wants but it will always be itself; this One indivisible Self eternally binding itself anew out of Love, sweet Love. In simple terms, Oneself experiences itself as plurality this although plurality is Oneself, a most simple concept that appears to be difficult to understand for today's moom: the mind-only-occupied-man. See all as Self for there is but Oneself; the only purpose is Love. It almost seems certain to me that it is in our best interest to accept the above.
~ Wald Wassermann