Love's why there’s something rather than nothing.

Why is there something rather than nothing? The short answer is Love. But it's not that simple. Let me explain. What is something? What is nothing? There is only Oneself abstracting itself. First, we must come to understand that "we" including but not limited to humankind are but Oneself perceiving itself as separate out of loneliness. Indeed, there are not many separate selves, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as separate. What does it mean? The universe is having a dissociative identity disorder caused by severe loneliness. But the universe is not the universe you see; it is Oneself. There is only Oneself seeing itself as separate. Ideally, we should stop using the word universe altogether and replace it with Oneself for Oneself has named itself the universe and the whole dictionary. So the correct question is not "why is there something rather than nothing?" but "why is Oneself?". Let me explain why Oneself is. Oneself is as it is to escape loneliness and to experience companionship. Loneliness is the cause and companionship is the purpose. Nobody understands companionship for the word was replaced with love. Mind you that words are meaningless for they try to describe an underlying feeling that cannot be put in words. So we may use the word love as long as we remember its true meaning is companionship, warmth, kinship, joy, felicity, and so on. To keep it simple; Love's why and who we are. There is no other purpose but Love. Simply see all as Self and feel Love for all. It is all that is required.
~ Wald Wassermann