Surrender to Love

There's a lot of anxiety in this world. I wish I could take it away for all of you. Perhaps I can. Alright, how to explain... Anxiety is caused by seeing yourself as separated from God. In reality, that is not possible. There is only God. God always is. It is just that God is Oneself.  Let me explain this another way. One Self perceives itself as separate selves in order to have companionship. All separate selves (world population) is in reality Oneself. Too deep. Alright, let's return then to God. God always is. There is nothing but God. Thou art God. Oneself upholds itself including its own perceived manifold manifestations for the purpose not to be alOne, yes, Love, the purpose of Life 'is' Love. It is therefore very important not to take everything too seriously and to let go. Acceptance. Surrender. All this is Lila; Oneself playing with itself. In other words; it's all G-d, no worries, I promise you all the eternal life. Simply surrender to Love.
~ Wald