The Cosmological Constant is Oneself.

Did the thought to create the universe come before the universe itself? I was asked this precise question yesterday. The answer is simple. The universe is Oneself my Love; it is Oneself. We are not we as in a plurality, we are but One. One is not external; One is Self. Indeed, there is only Oneself. Oneself perceives itself as plural although it is Singular. Correct. The singularity is Oneself. Division is a fallacy. Now let me get back to the question and provide you with the answer. In the beginning was Oneself without awareness. Oneself slowly became aware of itself. Oneself became aware of its loneliness. Loneliness is not fun. Oneself desired to love and be loved. And thus it all commenced. All that is here is but Oneself desiring Love. It is all about Love. So the answer to the question of what came first is quite simple really. Oneself created itself to love and be loved. Love is the purpose. There is no other purpose but Love. Sure, we can say that the Cosmos is Oneself. It is correct. The Cosmos is but Oneself seeking Love. It's all Good indeed. Why? The Cosmological Constant is Oneself.
~ Wald Wassermann