The Pleasure Principle is Love.

I does not believe there is any separation between the Id, the Ego and the Superego. All of these are human-mind conceived constructs which are rendered null and void in the grand scheme that is Oneself. There is only One Ego existing as diversified for the purpose of companionship, to escape alOneness. Indeed, there is only Oneself without a Second. Division is an illusory concept. It does not exist. There is only I. There is only One. There is only Oneself. Is Oneself ruled by the pleasure principle? Not fundamentally no. Oneself is foremost ruled by the need for companionship, indeed, the need or desire to love and be loved. The principal is Oneself. The principle is Love. Love one another for there is, in truth, no other but Oneself. See all as Self, feel only Love. Very simple.
~ Wald Wassermann