The Power of Love.

When you say the words 'I Love You' and feel the in-filling of the power of all Creation magnifying that resonance, you begin, then and there, to function as the open heart of the power of Love. There is no need to make this something acquiring time to accomplish. Yet, if it does, beloved ones, it doesn’t matter, for the moment that you step into your place in the fiery furnace, every perception of time is dissolved, burned up in the ecstasy. So if right now you can only allow a glimpse, beloved ones, allow it!! Let yourself have every taste you can of being life, being the extension of this wonder, being My indescribable and luminous heart that can hold all Creation and love it and thus can easily hold the world that the power of Love may at last reclaim it, establishing Home right here for absolutely every person.
~ Messages of God/Love, Yael and Doug Powell, Circle of Light