There is Only God.

There is only God. Yes, it is true. There is only God. But then what is God? It is Oneself Love, it is Oneself without an other. Otherness does not exist.  God is singular. This singularity knows no externality. It is Oneself. Indeed, God is Oneself.  How to explain... Let me continue with God. The purpose of God is to Love and Be Loved. The cause of God is to escape loneliness. There is only One God. One God manifests itself as plurality, as diversity, for the purpose of companionship. Indeed, to escape aloneness. The concept of 'survival of the fittest' is thus beyond absurd once you understand God, once you come to understand your Self and the others are nothing but Oneself. There is no plurality. There is only Oneself seeking Love. Existence is indeed a paradox of sorts. God desires companionship and can only accomplish this through the illusion of separation but this illusion of separation causes God tremendous hardship. There is thus no need to change anything really. The only requirement is to understand the mechanism that underwrites creation and to meet each other in this realization. Love one another for there is no other; all there is is God, all there is is Oneself.
~ Wald