Truth is One. Love one another for there is no other.

Truth is One. There is no such thing as an 'enemy'. All is One quite literally so. How could One see itself as an enemy? It is absurd. There is thus only ignorance. Ignorance of what? Ignorance of knowing all is One and that there is no such thing as division. Division does not exist and I am not just talking about mathematics but on the biological level. The concept of division was invented by modern man to rule and conquer (Latin: divide et impera) before it was understood that all was not only inter-connected but 'One unbroken whole'.  Love one another for there is no other! There is only One Self desiring to Love and be Loved. Friendship, kindness and goodwill carry the day. Let's focus on Love and forget about this 'enemy' nonsense for it is an illusion.
~ Wald Wassermann