Unity through Tribulation Brings Peace and Joy

Brothers and Sisters. Fear not at thy darkest hour for all there is, is the light and the darkness is just that what is not born yet out of the light. Thou art the light and this light knows no division, it knows no death. It is the light that gave birth to itself. The light is Oneself. All that is here is One Self, I repeat, Oneself. Oneself experiences itself as the sum total of that what it itself calls reality. Thou art the eternal One. See all as your self for there is only One Self. Oneself is all that is as One for it is. Oneself is all of you as One for you are. Listen to your hearts and do not allow your minds to drive a wedge between you. All there is is you as One for you are. One Self itself is. Oneself itself is. Oneself is. It is this what it means I equals I.
~ Wald Wassermann