What does God want? God wants Love.

These are stressful times for all us. Let us remember to treat one another as we would treat ourselves. Why? There is only Oneself. Indeed, to ask the question - 'what does God want?' - is an abstraction of sorts. After all; who is asking the question? Is God external? Of course not. There is only God. Does God know division? Naturally not. There is nothing outside God. God is One without a second. What does it mean? God is all of us as One for we are. Is this One external? No. One is Oneself. Is it not the wise who have proclaimed from time immortal that there are not many separate selves but that there is only Oneself? Well then; let us ask ourselves what we want. Stress? No. Anxiety? No. Suffering? No. So what does Oneself then want? Companionship. Companionship equates to Love. The answer to the question - what does God want? - is Love. God wants Love. So what are we to do? See all as God and Love all for there is nothing but God. God is Oneself and Oneself is All.
~ Wald Wassermann