What's Causing The Universe To Expand?

What's causing the universe to expand? The question is an abstraction. Why? The universe is oneself hence why oneself named itself the universe. Latin sweethearts. It's not a dead language after all. What's causing oneself to expand? The need to love and be loved, company, someone to be with. Oneself seeks to escape aloneness and it is this very avoidance that causes the expansion. Perhaps we can call it the cosmic quest for love, warmth, and togetherness. Avoiding loneliness is the cause of the expansion of the universe; we are seeking Love. Does it matter? Not really for we are the universe. There is no such thing as an externality. There is only Oneself, Oneself seeking Love. I am not sure if Oneself wants to stop searching for Love but we can certainly try to slow the expansion by loving each other more while in the physical form. After all, Love is the purpose so why not Love?
~ Wald Wassermann