God is Indivisible with the intonation on I

A few notes on existence. God is indeed Indivisible with the intonation on the I which is why one wise man once said "I:I" in the original Aramaic. The problem with words, languages and this whole Tower of Babel nonsense is that it is so easy to get lost in translation. Words are the modern version of the cave wall drawings of yesteryear. So what then is the truth? It is "I=I" alright. So then who is this I? Who is this Oneself that realizes there are not many separate selves and that the illusion of separation exists for companionship alone? Is I God? Of course. But that doesn't answer the question now does it? Let me thus give the answer. I is Love. Indeed. Oneself is Love. Indeed. God is Love. Very simple. All this is about Love and everything else is an abstraction of sorts. The conclusion is strikingly simple. See all as Self, feel only Love. Very easy.
~ Wald Wassermann