Love is the Meaning of Life

What aspect of life survives after death? That is a very deep question. Let me say that I respect everyone’s opinion even though they may differ. What I appreciate even more is your company and to have all this variety around us, all this wonderful diversity. I am so very grateful for all this, for all of you, for your company. Allow me to say the following. I believe existence is Oneself. There is only Oneself. Oneself always is. Oneself conceives and perceives itself as variegated for the purpose of companionship; not to be alone. But all this is Oneself seeking to love and be loved, companionship indeed. A wise man wrote that ‘desire is the seed of the birth and death cycle’ and I agree with that. I believe that the desire for companionship gives birth to Oneself as manifoldness this although there is only Onefoldness masking itself as manifoldness out of the need to escape aloneness. Is Love thus the meaning of life? Yes. All this was born with Love in mind. Simply to have friends. To play. To laugh. To be together. All religions are correct for they all point to the same truth. What aspect of life survives even death? Oneself always is. But since the essence of Oneself is Love I have to say that it is Love for I is Love, Oneself is Love. Love is eternal. There is no difference between Oneself and Love. They are one and the same. I believe it is good to see all as Self and to feel only Love. Love is the meaning of life. Very simple. Very true. Thank you and I am so very grateful that you are in this world. Bless you all without exception.
~ Wald