Are we Alone? Yes; we are All One.

Why does the universe exist? Why is there something rather than nothing? I don’t have time for words or lengthy explanations. Words are meaningless and lengthy explanations indicate non-understanding. Let me tell you why there is something rather than nothing. There is only Oneself. Oneself is, always has been and always will be. Oneself ‘Is’. Something and nothing are abstractions. So it goes for the Universe which is a word Oneself created; it is derived from the Latin meaning ‘One Turns Into Itself’. Indeed; so it is. There is only Oneself. Oneself perpetually turns into itself. Oneself perceives itself as variegated out of the need to love and be loved, not to be lonely. Yes, it is all about companionship indeed. See therefore all as Self and feel only Love. That's all there really is about it. There's no mystery, no secret, it's all about Love. Very simple!
~ Wald Wassermann