Beyond The First Cause/Cosmological/Ontological Argument.

By now it should be well established that there is nothing but God and that God is One without a second. Now let me answer the question if God is lonely. Yes. God is lonely, i.e., alone. The All One is Alone! All this diversity exists for the purpose of companionship. Correct; there is only God and God exists as diversity to escape loneliness. The cause is loneliness and the purpose is Love. It is this why it is said that God is Love. All there is is God desiring to Love and Be Loved. There are thus two ways to interpret the above. See all as God and feel only Love, or, See all as Self and feel only Love. Ultimately, he who merges into God-Consciousness will come to understand that God is Oneself and that there is no such thing as division. Division does not exist. There is only God equates to there is only Oneself. There are not many separate selves, there are no others. All is but One. This One is but Oneself. Love your neighbor as yourself for there is only Oneself. Simple!
~ Wald Wassermann