Brahman Desires Love

There are several ways to bring us back to the essence of beingness. Beingness is Brahman. Brahman itself is. Brahman desires not to be alone. Brahman desires Love. It is this desire to Love and Be Loved in return, the desire for Companionship, Friendship that manifests itself as the Universe. The Universe is indeed in reality one Premā-SÒgara for it is Brahman itself which appears as the Universe. All that is here is Brahman desiring Love. Love is the purpose of Life diversified for Life diversified is Brahman desiring Love. There is nothing that is not Brahman. Reality is Brahman. Existence is Brahman. Life is Brahman. Brahman experiences itself as variegated not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause and Love is the purpose. All this for Love; not to be alone! That which thou art is indeed the undivided Brahman. Brahman knows no division but perceives itself as diversified, as the universe, as earth, as life, as man and woman, out of the desire for Companionship, Friendship, Love. As such the following truth stands eternal:
Love one another, there is no other, truth is Brahman desiring Love.

~ Wald