Companionship is the Purpose of Life Diversified.

I always thought it was interesting why people feel the need to argue, why they want to fight, why people want to oppose each other. It is quite peculiar is it not? Why do we want to voice our opinion, why do we feel the need to stand out, to be separate? It is almost as if it was self-engineered. Perhaps it is so. But for what reason?  God is One. Yes. Existence is One. Yes. Self is One. Yes. There is only God. There is only One Self. One Self seeks to negate its own Oneness, its own Singleness, out of alOneness. The primary and in my opinion only goal of opposition is thus driven by this innate desire for companionship, to escape aloneness. It is through this understanding that humanity can find itself as peace. After all, the purpose is not to cause suffering, the purpose is companionship. Companionship is the purpose of life diversified. It is this why it is said to Love God and your neighbor as your Self for there is only One Self.
~ Wald