Know all is God; Feel only Love.

The answer to the question - If not God, who created us? - is that there is only God. God is One without a second. God is Oneself. Oneself conceives and perceives itself as diversified. All diversity is Oneself. The answer as to - What is the cause and purpose? - is simple. The cause of all this diversity is loneliness. The purpose of all this diversity is companionship. Companionship equates to have a loving friend, a companion. In conclusion.  All this is God. All this is Oneself. There is no such thing as division. There is only diversity. Diversity is a blessing and incredibly precious. The wise thus says: Know all is Self; Feel only Love. Alternatively. Know all is God; Feel only Love. Same thing. It is very simple. It is very true. It is good enough.
~ Wald