Let us Surrender to Love for 'us' is One!

Can consciousness exist outside the brain? The question is absurd. What is consciousness? What is the brain? That which perceives all these differentiations itself 'is'. Indeed, Oneself experiences itself as diversified and classifies itself into different compartments. Why? NOT to cause anguish upon itself. NO!  Companionship! Friendship! Love! All of the above Yes. To have an other to be with. Not to feel alONE. In conclusion; there is only One Consciousness. There is only One God.  There is only Oneself! Oneself is the only thing here. Thus we return to the essence of beingness; Love. Love one another for there is no other! Truth is One Self. Truth is God is Oneself! Yes, Oneself. I=I. I=Love. I Love!
~ Wald