And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.

There are some who say that religion is the cause for all wars and conflicts in this world. I say it is not so. It is exactly the opposite. Wars and conflicts are caused by the illusion of division. It is the illusion of division that is the root of all problems. What few seem to remember is that the concept of division was created to divide and rule for socio/political/economical gain. Indeed, division is an invention that does not exist. I strongly suggest a course in either quantum physics or etymology. Why? It will be understood that religion originates from the Latin word 'to bind' and that its meaning is 'one binds itself together'. Indeed, 'the universe is one binding itself together'. Who is this one? Is it somehow magically external from us like far away into space? Of course not. The universe is oneself binding itself together. Why? Aloneness. For what purpose? Love. Love is the meaning and the purpose of Life. Life is Love. Love one another for there is no other. Truth is one without a second. See all as Self, feel only Love. Love is the greatest Good!
~ Wald