Oneself Perceives Itself as Diverse out of the need for Companionship.

Truth is one self without division. Indeed; there is only oneself. Oneself is. There is no division. Diversity? Yes. There is diversity alright but it is all Oneself. Oneself conceives and perceives itself as diverse out of the need for companionship, to escape aloneness. Aloneness is the cause of diversity and companionship is the purpose. So it is; diversity exists for the purpose of companionship. Companionship equates to Love. It is the same.  Love one another for there is no other; there is only Oneself. Oneself desires to love and be loved, i.e., Oneself seeks simple companionship. Simply see all as Self for all of it is and feel only Love. Love is always right.
~ Wald Wassermann