Otherness is God desiring Togetherness.

There are several ways to understand that there is no death. It is why it is said that truth is One but the paths are many. Alright. There is only God. God perceives itself as diversified not to be (feel) alone. Aloneness is the cause for the perception of division. Division does not exist. Seriously. Division God perceives not to feel alone. As such, there is no death. Death does not exist for there is no division in God. There is only God. Now we can answer the next question. The answer to the question - what is the origin of the universe? - is God desiring not to be alone. It is not Good to be alone meaning God desires not to be alone. This is a high truth and it is not easy to accept for God desires to negate its aloneness. There's however no problem for God simply needs to realize it perceives itself as diversified NOT to fight itself, no, the reason why God perceives itself as diversified is Companionship aka Love. Now we are getting closer to the purpose of Life and to which Humankind (which is God perceiving itself as Humankind) needs to align itSelf too; Love. Love is the purpose alright. There is no other purpose but Love. All this for Love; not to be alone. Of course God is alone. It is why there is Life. As such Love is the purpose. As such, humankind (which is God) should accept its own existential truth. There where is Man and Woman is but God desiring Love. Love is the one and only meaning- and purpose of Life.
~ Wald