The origin of the Universe, of Life, is Self.

The origin of the Universe, of Life, is Self. Self itself is. There is only Oneself experiencing itself. The perception of division or otherness is Self-engineered not to feel alone, for Companionship, yes, Love; to Love and Be Loved in return. So it goes for all the senses. All the senses were created by Self. Why? Not to feel alone. So it goes for time. Of course time does not exist. Self perceives time for the same purpose; not to be alone, to be able experience companionship. How else could Self experience companionship? It would not be possible. Time serves the purpose to experience companionship. Time, space, energy, matter and gravity is all Self. Self is one without a second but desires to negate its own Oneness, its own Singleness not to be alOne. Aloneness lies at the origin of the cause of Life. Life is in truth but Oneself experiencing itself in the current. All this for Love; not to feel alone.
~ Wald