The Secret of Every Great Marriage

Marriage is under stress. Its sacred meaning has been obscured. What we now know as marriage is but a hollow shell based solely on materialism.  A rib out of the man became the woman. Thou art made of One flesh. All fine and dandy but this is a watered down truth.  No wonder people give up and walk out on each other. The signs are everywhere: materialism trumps spirituality, there's lack of communication, me against you mentality, emotional abandonment, a dead bedroom, a dead marriage, a midlife crisis, a cheating husband or wife, the walk away wife syndrome; all of it caused by forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of who and why we are. Who we are is but One. Why we are is Love. One experiences itself as Two-fold not to be alOne. Yes; One is God. Yes; One is Self. Self is One without a second!  Not philosophically but literally. Existence is One. Man and woman are One. One perceives itself as two to escape loneliness. A self-engineered illusion. There is no two in reality; it is One Self deceiving itself it is two, as man and woman, so it could experience companionship. Yes, companionship!  Companionship equates to Love. To Love and Be Loved. Not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. Companionship aka Love is the purpose!  Yes; God is Love. There is only God. God is One without a second. God desires to love and be Loved. Thou are the One God embodying itself as Man and Woman to consummate the primordial desire for companionship, for Love. Thou dost not remember what was before birth? Darkness. Coldness. Loneliness!  How can marriages work when man and woman do not know this sacred alchemic truth or when they have forgotten why One lives as two? In the long run, it is not possible. Ignorance and forgetfulness are thus the leading cause of why people divorce. There is of course no such thing as divorce in reality. Divorce does not exist. There is after all only God. There is after all only One Self.  What can man and woman do? Remember the purpose. The purpose of life diversified, of man and woman, is so God would not be alone, so One Self would not feel alone. There is only One Self, there is only Oneself; yes, God is Oneself, there are not two selves, there are not many selves, there is only Oneself. There is only God.  The only purpose of Life is Love. Everything else is nonsense and caused by ignorance and forgetfulness of  One's reason of being; Love.  The secret of every great marriage is that husband and wife realize Self is One without a second and that Self desires first and foremost Love over anything else. Money and material possessions have no worth in the eyes of God. God cares only about Love. Love is the reason of life. Love is the reason why man and woman exist. The secret of marriage is its original sacred significance; there is but One Self experiencing itself as Man and Woman to consummate the primordial desire for companionship, for love, and everything else is subordinate to that. True marriage is man and woman meeting each other in this realization. The realization that there is only Oneself desiring Love.
~ Wald