There are no others. Division is a fallacy.

Did God create the Universe. Basically Yes. In order to understand, we must ask the following questions. What is God? What is the Universe? Or rather; who came up with these words? Ultimately everyone is right for there is only oneself! Indeed; there is only oneself. Oneself is, always has been and always will be singular as in One. There are no others. Division is a fallacy. There is nothing but God. It is true. There is nothing but Oneself. It is also true. There is no division. It is very true. The Singularity experiences itself as Plural(ity) for the purpose of companionship for indeed, One is alOne and perceives diversity out of the need for companionship. Companionship equates to Love. Love is what it's all about. See all as Self and Feel only Love. Love is the purpose of Life. There is no other purpose but Love. Bless you all.
~ Wald Wassermann